Real time address validation for shipping


A successful shipment depends on the address validation. Before packing a product and enabling tracking, before doing any other operation, it is essential to be sure that the address is correct. The most efficient method is to use a validation service of the shipment target address: the address is checked automatically and in real time and the missing data is completed while the data is entered. Egon software was developed to solve exactly this type of need. Thanks to the functionality of address validation, you can check the accuracy of the information you own. The check concerns different aspects to consider for starting a shipment process based on efficiency and speed. Some of these aspects are the following:

Shipping address validation

  • Spelling mistakes, such as double letters, attached words or misspelled words
  • Data updating, that means the obsolete records that have been modified are replaced with new ones
  • The completeness of the address that is completed with missing items (such as zip code, country, province and so on)
  • Duplication and inconsistencies, whereby duplicate addresses are discarded from a database containing hundreds of thousands of data and information that could be subject to further verification is reported.

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The validation operation of postal addresses for shipment carried out by Egon software has several application fields. Some of them are ecommerce: if the Egon software is integrated in an electronic store, the users’ mistakes during the purchasing phase are reduced to zero. In other words, it will be always guaranteed that every entered address is validated and cleaned from possible mistakes. Besides the online stores, other interesting applications involve the following:

  • Geomarketing activities that involve the sending promotional materials (such as leaflets, brochures, etc.) in a specific country or town. The advantage of using Egon is obvious as the massive reclamation operation can be carried out to the entire database. Archives that contain hundreds of thousands of addresses are checked in accordance with the target area. In this case, the output file will give the whole validated database that will be also enriched and completed.
  • Logistics and goods transportation, in this sector, knowledge of the address is essential to decide on the best path to take. An obsolete or incorrect address can cause a significant carrier delay (let’s consider the international moving sector for example) and consequently an economical loss due to the higher cost/time ratio.
  • The management of customer service, particularly if the business is focused on sending materials to suppliers, partners and customers. A typical case is represented by the companies that offer spare parts and industrial components and need to send goods fast within 24 hours after being entrusted to the carrier. The same that occurs for samplings, this service is in high demand in the textile and clothing industry. The success of such close support is linked to the goodness of the available addresses are correct.
  • food delivery is another sector that has been greatly expanding in the last few years. In this business, keeping the delivery time is a priority. Mistaking an address is the most serious mistake one can make, especially when new customers are involved. Indeed, several negative reviews on food delivery businesses are caused by missed deliveries or delayed deliveries of the messengers.


Another important advantage for those who want to validate postal shipping addresses concerns the address format. Each country and postal system have a different shipment format. Just moving from one country to another, there may bea few small details that often – if ignored – cause delays or returns. It is impossible that a company knows each specification and complies with the postal system’s directions without external assistance. That is why, at Egon, we have added an additional support in our software that allows you to have the address or the group of addresses already formatted for shipment according to the model and the standards of the specific country and postal system. It’s a practical and useful solution to speed up the shipment and get to 100% of the receivers.


When a shipment is unsuccessful, the direct and collateral damage is innumerable. First, the customer is disappointed and, with him, the supplier or the partner. If a parcel doesn’t arrive or it arrives late, it is a great problem above all if that involves other deliveries, repair services or other assistance activities. Therefore, we need to expand our perspective and see other secondary and long-term effects. Some of them are the following:

  • image damage, due to the customer’s unsatisfaction and the possible negative feedback such as negative reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, Trustpilot and other instruments
  • extra costs to bear, such as the expenses that the company will have to bear to collect a parcel that hasn’t reached its destination or is stored and then returns to the warehouse. The same occurs when promotional activities are concernedm such as sending catalogs, brochures, leaflets and other advertising materials that are lost when they are delivered to houses or abandoned companies (which is quite typical).
  • Fuel and worn of parts that are used to power the delivery means such as vans, trucks, scooters and other means that need fuel, motor oil and other parts (i.e. tires, batteries, etc.). Adding unnecessary kilometers to move the vehicle fleet, if it belongs to the company, represents another economic burden to bear in the current global and competitive market.



The last concept to consider for properly understanding the functioning and advantage of postal address validation software for shipping both in Italy and abroad concerns the geolocalization of addresses. By means of the geolocalization, you can enter the geographical coordinates of the address in a virtual map of an application, such as Google Maps or navigators such as iGo, Sygic and Navigon. Thanks to this option, the normalization of the data is integrated into the company navigation systems and geocoding can also be useful to map and border an area according some precise parameters that can be set by the controls of the program.

Do you want to select the roads with at least five business addresses to optimize the displacements of the leaflet delivery men? Well, just insert the query that identifies the list of business addresses in the graphic interface and then geolocalize the addresses on the map to check their positions. These functions and others can be easily implemented with the suite Egon for the normalization of postal addresses. Egon software can be configured in batch, integrated, online or autocomplete modes, Egon software is the definite solution to manage your sales and promotion targets without geographical, language or syntactic encoding limitations. Try the demo now and get your free credits by registering on the dedicated page. It will take just few seconds and you will be able to immediately validate your postal addresses in more than 250 countries with a precision and correctness that you couldn’t achieve in another way.

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