Address validation tool: from normalization to geocoding

When googling for an address validation tool, many users expect something familiar despite not knowing exactly what. So what exactly is an address validation tool? Is it address validation software that validates one address at a time? Is it a system that analyzes hundreds of data all together? Is it software that only the most expert Web Masters can use? Is it possible to use on your phone or do you need a PC with a powerful processor? What appears when the user enters the dashboard? These questions require an answer that is far from obvious because the operation how a professional address validator works is not obvious either. Let’s see how to face one of the main questions relevant to the normalization of postal addresses by using a modern address validation tool. Let’s start from graphics.

What does an address validation tool look like?

Address validation tool The appearance of an address validator is quite similar to any other digital online service for websites and virtual operations (i.e. home banking, CMS, etc). After entering your credentials, the administrator page opens and the available functions are displayed. Depending on the validation format, you can choose to either enter one address or a list of addresses (i.e. batch validation). Each validation type offers the instruments to complete the query quickly and intuitively as follows:

  • Single line: the single line validation shows a window to complete with the data relevant to country, town, zip code and address. Several additional options are available from the side of the menu such as the methods to write the address (i.e. native only, international only, Latinized only, etc.). The Validate key allows you to launch the operation and display the result in real time.
  • Batch validation: provides the user with a key, such as the New batch job key, which allows you to start the new validation project of several addresses simultaneously. The addresses are loaded in a file, which is usually in an excel format. After uploading, the user clicks the validation key and waits for the system to give back the validated and reclaimed addresses.

The most advanced operations of an address validation tool

If an address validation tool usually checks single addresses or a group of addresses, it is possible that the same software is able to manage more complex operations that are very useful in some specific situations. A few of the most complex operations are as follows:

  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding: this is the validation that provides the geographic coordinates of an address an output datum. This means that the user enters his address, or his list of addresses, and he obtains the longitude and latitude values with a possible error of just a few meters. The reverse geocoding allows you to deduct the exact address of a place starting from the geographical coordinates entered in the usual tool form. Both operations are possible whether in single line or in batch validation modes.
  • Deduplication of postal addresses: this function allows you to deduplicate the addresses contained in an Excel file or similar. In other words, a specific check is carried out to search for doubled or tripled addresses or redundant addresses and the duplicate addresses are gathered. The result is a report that lists the anomalies and the solutions applied by the address validation tool. Obviously, this operation is meaningful for a file that contains tens, hundreds or thousands of postal addresses.
  • Validation of names, email addresses and phone numbers: in addition to postal addresses, the validation can be carried out on names, email addresses and phone numbers. These operations correct typing mistakes, old or inexistent information, numbers to integrate in the correct format … The user can just enter the values that need validation and press Enter; after a few seconds, he will get the results.

Which devices can use an address validation tool

Which devices can use an address validation tool Another interesting topic concerns the devices that can use an address validation tool. Without downloading any app, a validator tool can be used on a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone. This is because the portal that allows the use of the software is available 24/7 via the Internet from all over the world after entering one’s login and password. Data is processed in the software without slowing down the mobile phone or consuming the phone’s resources. Instead of using the online version, the advantages increase when the software is used in the corporate IT system. In this case, there are also the advantages of a perfect integration and modularity of the suite so it is possible to customize the software according to the goals and the operations that the team will have to perform.

The credit system and the subscription to the validation suite

The credit system and the subscription to the validation suite The last generation of validator tools are available upon payment except for some free trials. The payment can be settled in two ways depending on the needs of the company or the professional.

  • Credit purchase: the credits are purchased in packages as the users do for the pictures of online boards. Each credit has a cost, which can decrease with increased spending. The operations need one or more credits to be carried out and consequently the user will have to consider his budget before deciding how many validations to launch.
  • Subscription / purchase: if the software must be used daily for several projects, it is better to subscribe to a one-year contract or purchase a customized suite. There are several possibilities and each company offers different plans and contracts that are designed to combine quality with convenience.

Free trial of Egon software for the address validation

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