We are a team of experts in geo intelligence and market analytics; we develop projects that use the geographical dimension to improve company decisions relevant to COMMERCIAL NETWORKS and COMMUNICATION.

We have been developing geomarketing in Italy for twenty years. Now we can INNOVATE it through physical and virtual MOBILITY by means of users’ information .. we have implemented new techniques to analyze the demand to support the EXPANSION and PROTECTION processes of the salesforce, COMMUNICATION and EVOLUTION of the offer.


Targa Telematics is a company with 20 years’ experience in connected vehicles.
It offers technological solutions in telematics, telemetry and smart mobility. It is a leader in digital platforms and the development of applications for short and long-term renters, finance companies and large fleets. Its services range through insurance telematics, asset and fleet management, remote diagnostics and telemetry of cars, professional and construction vehicles and management of airport service vehicles.


is an international ICT company and system integration company specialized in providing complex cloud projects with a high expertise in Digital Transformation. Noovle can support enterprises througout the whole process, from initial planning to Change Management.
Noovle simplifies processes in order to create better services through digital platforms focused on Customer Experience, Smart Working and Big Data analysis. Noovle has developed a strong experience in geospatial projects, developing a specific CMS platform for geo-referenced information management, publication and search. Thanks to GeoCMS, to Google Maps and Google Cloud partnerships, Noovle is among the best international Google Cloud partners. In 2019 Noovle was named Top EMEA Cloud Search Partner. The consolidated partnerships with SalesForce, Google Cloud and SAP® Customer Data Cloud have enabled Noovle to acquire qualified skills, professional backgrounds, talents and a solid experience in several industrial fields. In 2019 Noovle launched OnTheMap, the geomarketing cloud application that is able to catch potential markets in real time. Noovle has a strong experience in several strategic industries: Insurance, Banks, Retail, Publishing, Manufacturing, Public Administration, Health, Telecommunication, Utilities