Each ecommerce website requires the user to enter his or her data (name, bank details, address, etc.) when they register as a user or checkout. Egon is multiplatform software able to integrate into any ecommerce website and help in the data entry validation process.

Address validation checkout for ecommerce websites

All the data the user enters when registering or at checkout are processed, validated and corrected if need (with real time support already when the user begins entering the data).

The user can even be guided during the entry process with the compulsory auto-complete functions (list services). This ensures the ecommerce store managers always have correct, validated and standardized data, preventing any incorrect mailing or communications or order completion problems.

Buying products and services online is common practice now, and there are numerous different types of software and CMS, including open source, that have been specially studied to create ecommerce websites (for example, Woocommerce for WordPress, Virtuemart for Joomla, Magento etc.).

For the world of business the web is a fundamental data collection point for its real and potential customers, with important consequences both legally and for company databases. Data collection from web forms is doubtlessly immediate and simple for the user, but we must not forget the widespread problems due to hasty users entering their data too fast and without checking them, not paying sufficient attention when they fill in the registration forms and checkout. A professional ecommerce website must be able to handle these problems and be able to solve them before they cause any new ones.