Every enterprise has to handle the delicate task of managing its customer and supplier data in its IT system, in the CRM or web apps. With Egon all your needs for data verification and georeferencing will be satisfied. Our core business is studying software systems that are able to automate address and contact data management and verification

The quantity of data that has to be input and maintained every day for all the various uses tends to increase over time and, in some cases, large databases can contain hundreds of thousands of contacts. Constant data control and automatic validation and deduplication correction tools are fundamental in these cases, to avoid increasingly problematic management, and errors and inconsistencies that can even block the systems, meaning that instead of being a precious and strategic data source the IT system becomes an enormously inefficient burden.

Egon is a software suite which aims at assisting business and government departments, in checking enterprise data and georeferencing, with integrated and modular data management services provided directly or via web. The Data-management tools enable handling the data flows with high levels of autonomy and reduce the number of technical interventions.