Postal address correction software: how to use it (also online)

The correction of postal addresses is a primary business objective for those who want to eliminate waste and optimize the resources allocated to their business. Correcting addresses, in fact, means guaranteeing superior data quality and clarity, especially for activities such as shipping and the delivery of products, but not only. There are several areas of application that can be improved, thanks to data validation, such as logistics and marketing as well as assistance and door-to-door sales. Until about twenty years ago, the data in possession were often examined one by one by hand with inevitable errors due to the human factor. Since the advent of computers, data entry has become digital, but the action of verifying and correcting each address without specific IT support tools has continued and continues to generate the same errors.

That is why software has recently been developed for the correction of postal addresses, capable of carrying out multiple checks in a very short time and with a zero margin of error. Among these IT programs, there is Egon, which is more than a single program as it’s a real suite of services for a complete and tailored validation of addresses (as well as emails, telephone numbers, etc.). However, not everyone knows how it works and how to use it but it is surely an interesting topic for those who want to enhance and optimize their business with process automation. In this article, we have collected a few guidelines to get closer to the world of Egon and our address correction software with results able to meet any expectations.


Whenever a company has to correct one or more postal addresses in its database, there is a real risk of starting a very complex and delicate operation that will take time and resources and will be often unsatisfactory. All of this implies additional work and unexpected costs. On the contrary, if you use software dedicated to data quality instead of trying “manual” approaches to restore the quality of company databases, the correction will give a “guaranteed” result. The steps that a web master, an IT technician or even an entrepreneur shall follow to correct the addresses are few and simple:

  1. Sign up for the free Egon demo
  2. Enter the address to be corrected in the string (or upload the file with the addresses for batch validation)
  3. Press the send button and the check the address automatically according to the desired parameters (i.e. language, shipping format, etc.)

This process, as it is easy to guess, is valid for the online version of the correction and validation software, but what if one wants to use the same software in house? Or integrate it into a website, a management system or an ecommerce? In these cases, the operational methods change but the concept is the same. Let’s look more precisely at what these modalities are and how to take advantage of them.


The strength of Egon is that it is multi-platform software configurable in any company architecture: our technicians directly support their customers with the possibility of implementing customized plugins for software and management systems external to the company. The following are the current main methods to correct postal addresses:

  1. Batch → The batch use mode is designed specifically for the massive correction of addresses. Databases containing up to hundreds of thousands of addresses can be sent through a file transfer via the web and then they are normalized in a short time by our software. In this case, it is sufficient to send the structured file and follow the procedure already described.
  2. Integrated → The integrated mode means that the software can be integrated in the company business applications (online and batch) or in standard environments (enterprise application). In the first case the integration is completely independent from the reference system (such as Windows, Linux, Unix, IBMi, Mainframe, etc.) and it is carried out on any type of application; in the second case there is an additional plug-in to be integrated in existing infrastructures such as IBM, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, SAP and Windows.
  3. Online → When we talk about online mode, we are talking about a solution that allows you to correct the data of national and international addresses at any time and from any location, including smartphones and tablets. The only requirement is to have Internet access.
  4. Autocomplete → This method of use is implemented by the Egon software through the continuous call to the system with an analysis carried out through arrays of pre-established data starting from the reference thesaurus. The thesaurus contains hundreds of thousands of data for every possible field, i.e. place, zip code, province, etc. On the one hand, the autocomplete function reduces the time taken by the operators to enter date and, on the other hand, it eliminates “human” mistakes during the data entry.


At Egon we are constantly working on developing an increasingly advanced suite, capable of fulfilling user’s requests without any margin for error and with the maximum effectiveness in timing, user experience and quality. In recent years, we have worked a lot on all fronts and on all methods of use, but it is clear that the web part plays a crucial role. The last frontier in the validation, correction and completion of addresses is precisely the Egon online web platform. To make it operational, we have created the latest generation of web software that allows any user to access the website in a few minutes by entering their username and password.

The correction operation performed by the Egon software is the most accessible you can imagine: the data to be validated (single address or entire database in any format) must only be uploaded, a phase followed by the validation and finally the output with the correct and updated data. If you also want to consider any residual waste traced by the system, the corrections can also be entered manually, while still receiving a complete and precise database as output. Also keep in mind the functions related to the postal format: the addresses can be viewed in the postal format of the destination country and are ready for direct mailing or for being used by any geomarketing software.


Trying the postal address correction software offered by Egon without signing a contract can be done by anyone independently. On the dedicated page, you only need to complete the online registration, instantly receiving the credentials and free credits. You can take advantage of the software for the most varied operations, from fast normalization to geocoding, from deduplication (elimination of duplicates from a database) to the manual correction of redundant data. Accessing the demo takes less than a minute of your time: don’t miss the opportunity to test a new tool to strengthen your company and become even more competitive than your competitors. Try the Egon demo and discover the potential of our advanced suite without any commitment.