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Data validation is not simply a check but a complex procedure which involves updating old data, revising mistakes and misprints, completing missing parts and adding other information such as the matching of geographical coordinates and geolocalization on a map.

With the Egon free demo, you will be able to try an advanced information and address validation service. You will receive a username and password and be quickly able to use your free credits to try our service and see them work directly in your company’s applications or even in the forms on your internet or e-commerce sites.

  • Real-time Address Cleansing Services. Insert an email address to confirm its correctness and discover its territorial codes and geographic coordinates.
  • Autocomplete. Digitalization assistance with auto-complete of the fields and suggest function for data entry operators.
  • Geocoding and mapping. Geolocate any address with precision and see it on the map.
  • Duplicate check. Retrace all the data duplicated in your database and put it all together in a single entity.
  • Normalization Batch. Send us your database in any format. Egon will send it back in a few minutes perfectly validated with a statistical analysis and correction of incorrect data.
  • Easy and seamless integration. Integrate Egon with your company’s applications or in the forms present on your internet site, via web service or in the form of a plug-in.
  • Error correction. Egon has a manual-correction function for incorrect data to give the maximum flexibility to advanced operators.


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