Maintaining quality addresses – Egon batch validation services

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”
(Daniel Keys Moran)

Data is a vital strategic asset for any business.
Without data, there is no information, and without information, making informed decisions that positively impact efficiency and corporate competitiveness becomes impossible.

In an increasingly complex global socio-economic context with continuous information exchanges, collecting data effectively and rapidly transforming it into accessible, complete, updated, and therefore, quality information becomes the key to achieving a greater competitive advantage. This ability allows for making appropriate business choices and investments, based on a clear and accurate snapshot of reality.

address quality maintainance

Correct and efficient utilization of corporate data significantly influences the performance and success of any organizational entity. Yet, utilizing corporate data correctly, particularly in the present era, requires the use of specific tools and software without which achieving a high level of accuracy and reliability is not attainable.

Take a moment to ponder your company databases, a clear and perfect example of structured data. How many times have you encountered errors due to missing, inaccurate, inconsistent, and outdated data and addresses? Probably quite a few. This is a common situation for everyone, given that approximately 30% of corporate data loses validity each year, adversely impacting sales and expected outcomes, according to estimates.

When one considers that sources capable of generating data have increased exponentially compared to the past (these include the web, smartphones, and IoT systems), the necessity of consistently investing in an effective Data Quality system to collect and maintain up-to-date and high-quality data and addresses becomes evident.


What is the cost of not investing in a robust and structured Data Quality system?
Quite a lot, too much. Let’s see why.

Let’s start with a realization: today, any company, regardless of its size, daily collects a substantial amount of data from various sources.
As data continuously grows, it must be managed promptly and in real-time. Additionally, data is available in various formats (images, videos, addresses, street numbers, text documents, email addresses, personal demographics, etc.), thus requiring processing while considering their diversity.

Considering such a situation, it’s evident that for the collection, cleaning, updating, and maintenance of quality addresses and data, the use of technologies and software capable of validating, correcting, deduplicating, and if necessary, integrating corporate data in real time or in batch mode is indispensable.

Only through this approach is it possible to consistently possess quality data that provides accurate information, enabling effective communication between a company and its clients and prospects.

Address Quality Validation

Let’s consider postal addresses and email addresses for a moment, data that any business finds itself handling every day. This data is valuable because it allows for physically reaching potential and existing customers, nurturing relationships, and consequently, enhancing the company’s image.

Having outdated or incorrect postal addresses and email addresses prevents reaching the right target, and moreover, leaves a negative impression of the company. Consequently, the company sends inappropriate communications, failing to manage communication effectively with the right customers.

An unnormalized database, that is, one not cleansed of errors, redundancies, and inconsistencies, leads to costs, inefficiencies, and time loss, with clear negative repercussions on sales and the company’s image.

Therefore, adopting an adequate Data Quality system in the company is the only path to break the cycle of constantly dealing with missing, inaccurate, and outdated data, eliminating the costs arising from incorrect and unchecked information.

The Egon batch validation software is the innovative and comprehensive solution or effective and competitive management of corporate data, capable of definitively solving the issue of unnormalized archives and databases. Let’s delve into the details immediately.

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Egon is the innovative software for competitive Data Quality management designed to ensure correctness and uniqueness of all information contained in corporate databases, thus assisting companies in maximizing their business processes.

Thanks to its international structure, Egon can validate demographics and addresses from over 250 countries worldwide, returning formatted and verified records to the user in real-time or in batch mode.

In this article, we will focus on the latter mode, crucial for maintaining quality databases and addresses over time.


If you frequently find yourself dealing with archives and databases of corporate data (postal addresses, demographics, email addresses, etc.), you have undoubtedly recognized the need for a fast and efficient method to validate and correct the data from potential errors and inaccuracies.

If you have relied on manual solutions, you have certainly realized how costly it is in terms of time and expenses to verify, correct, and optimize even the smallest database. Moreover, aside from being expensive, manual verification entails a significant margin of human error, easily avoidable through a valid and structured automated data cleansing solution.

With Egon’s Data Quality software, you can automatically and rapidly cleanse entire databases containing even millions of addresses or personal data, obtaining a normalized, deduplicated archive integrated with any missing data in just moments.

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How does it work?

In batch mode, Egon works on a massive scale, enabling the handling of entire archives containing hundreds of thousands or even millions of records.
This mode can be integrated locally, directly into the client’s corporate applications (On-Premises mode), or, accessed online through the web API (In the Cloud).

Address Maintainance

With Egon, it is also possible to process and cleanse individual databases: in this case, the process takes place directly through web-based file transfers. Egon will take charge of the received archive and return a fully verified and normalized database in a short time.

Here are the steps that Egon executes to process and return a correct and validated data file:

  • statistical analysis;
  • validation;
  • optional geocoding and/or deduplication upon request;
  • anomaly management;
  • return of the validated file as output.

Maintaining quality addresses and data with Egon has become a breeze at last!

From swift validation operations to geocoding, from deduplication (elimination of duplicates from a database) to manual discrepancy correction: whatever operation you need for database control and updating, you can achieve it with Egon in a simple, rapid, and completely automated manner!

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