Check your postal addresses online: many services provided remotely

Postal address verification services

Hand in hand with the evolution of technologies, we have witnessed the digitization of many professional and non-professional services, previously available only as software but now also in a remote online version. The verification of postal addresses online is part of the new possibilities offered by the most modern technologies, with many virtual services in the cloud and on demand for every type of need. Checking addresses online from a normal computer is now an operation within anyone’s reach, even without particular experience and training, thanks to intuitive software such as Egon. Indeed, our program, available directly via remote web, allows you to normalize any address or database of addresses in a simple and immediate way, from any place in the world and at any time of day or night. A smart system, developed to meet multiple needs from the most basic, such as the verification of a single address, to the most complex, such as batch validation (i.e. the massive validation of databases containing up to hundreds of thousands of addresses). In this wide range, there are requests of various kinds, typically from professionals who work in logistics, transport, shipping, but also from people who deal with marketing and online sales of products via e-commerce.

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Postal address verification services: which ones to do online

Verifying addresses essentially means having an automatic mechanism for checking them. How is the quality of such a check guaranteed? The answer is easy: the quality standard is kept at the highest levels, thanks to the validation and continuous updating of the database from which the data are drawn, which means that new municipalities or provinces, changes to streets or territorial codes and other pieces of information are constantly added and updated. While the check is being carried out, other additional functions such as geocoding and deduplication (grouping of double addresses) can be activated. Consequently, we will have the following verification and validation options:

A single address or a set of addresses is sent to our system in just a few clicks, in any input format (i.e. excel, text format, fixed format, .csv etc.). Egon will take care in real time of the accurate verification and possible correction of errors, as well as the addition of missing information (e.g. addition of the province or municipality). In a few minutes, a normalized address file will be produced as well as a report containing all the statistics relating to the process (i.e. correct addresses, reports of incongruities, errors in the data). Any final step, at the customer’s discretion, will be to export the entire database of addresses in order to reuse the reclaimed data in any other software or company system.

By geocoding an online address, we are able to take a further step, which consists of assigning information and precise territorial codes to certain addresses. Geocoding is preceded by georeferencing, which is assigning geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to the address in question in order to ensure its identification even on the map. This can be done clearly for single addresses or for entire databases to be verified and geocoded. The result will be a postal address or a list of addresses not only reclaimed, but also enriched with information concerning the territory, including geographical coordinates.

One of the typical problems of postal addresses contained in databases and files are duplications. If there are values that repeat, the verification must take them into account, and this can only happen thanks to a control called deduplication. Thanks to the deduplication of databases, we can realize the parametric management of keys and rules, the management of probable doubles, the management of groups, the creation of match-code/phonetic keys,  registry matching, the management of relations and links, the merge between different databases and the deduplication of personal data. In short, beyond the case of a double address, deduplication gives the opportunity to safely carry out complex operations, working at a higher level of data management.

More than address verification: the online correction of rejected addresses

Check your postal addresses online

Verifying, geocoding and de-duplicating addresses, as we have seen, is a truly intuitive operation that leaves no room for doubts or errors. However, it must be remembered that, at the end of these steps, in case of rejected addresses, further control actions and subsequent manual correction may be necessary. Once the verification of postal addresses and the massive normalization have been completed, the user will have the possibility to view the records marked by error messages, one by one, and to correct them manually. The correction of rejected addresses requires the intervention of a specialized operator: in this critical phase, through the technical staff of Egon, the possible candidates normalized for each incorrect address of the report are gradually indicated. Therefore, don’t worry if the starting file with the postal addresses has a poor quality: if, from the online check, numerous errors should emerge, we will always be ready to check the result and immediately take action, thanks to decades of experience gained in this area.

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How to request the free demo for online verification

We can say that Egon software is much more than an online address verification program. The suite we offer is one of the most complete on the market and it has been designed to work in various applications, from CRM systems to data warehouses, from mailing to data entry, from e-business to Anacredit. A state-of-the-art address validation service that can also be tested online without obligation and without the need to install any application. How does it work? First, you need to create your user profile on the demo registration page, filling out the form with your name and surname, company email and requested data. Once this is done, you will have access to the validation dashboard, with your first free credits ready to be used in the verification processes.

Keep your credentials and access the Egon software as many times as you want, from your business PC but also from your home computer, tablet or even your smartphone, while you are traveling anywhere in the world. Do not forget that our suite covers a vast territorial extension, managing to validate postal addresses in over 250 countries. In addition to using the online version, you can choose the integrated mode within one of your management systems or business systems: an equally practical alternative, ideal for large companies or continuous normalization needs. If you have any doubts about how to use Egon, please contact us without obligation by filling out the form on the dedicated page or by writing an email to With Egon, verifying postal addresses online is an activity within everyone’s reach, even without special technical knowledge. Sign up for the demo in less than a minute and find out how to boost your business with an advanced suite.

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