What is address cleansing and the best way to use it

Address Cleansing Address cleansing is a process, made by a series of actions, used to verify, validate and cleanse a single or a group of postal addresses (for example a database of addresses).

This is one of the most important best practices among leading companies that want to take their business to a higher level. In fact, through address cleansing company data undergoes specific actions aimed at improving the data quality and, therefore, their use in the most varied IT environments and contexts. In the past this work was done manually by technical operators and translators, one datum at a time, but now address cleansing is much easier and faster thanks to specific address validation software. Depending on the level of technological evolution, this type of software can perform very simple or very complex tasks, processing postal addresses according to specific requirements. Let us study in detail the address cleansing actions that are performed, in our case, by Egon software.


First of all, the data input to the Egon software undergo a specific check in order to highlight possible errors in typing, incomplete words, repeated terms, missing spaces between words and numbers, etc. The address is not analysed roughly, but through an accurate revision record by record. The address, area code, recipient name and surname, province, country and everything else that goes to make up the complete overall data. Correction is automatic by comparing the data in the Egon digital database. Any problem that cannot be resolved automatically is recorded in the final report, giving the user the chance to conduct further controls autonomously or with help from Egon.


The error check is integrated with the obsolete data check. In this case the address is evaluated in terms of update: there could be even minimal discrepancies in the stored data, or the address recipient has moved, the area code has changed or maybe the province has been eliminated. The case records are endless, and Egon considers them all, from the first to the last and, by directly comparing the stored data, it replaces any data that are no longer valid with the corresponding up to date data in more than 250 countries around the world in the five continents.


In an address database it often happens that there are duplicates, i.e. data that is repeated two, three, four or even five times. This is more common if the database has been created from manual data entry when the same address can be entered more than once. Again in this case, Egon corrects the inconsistencies and deletes the duplicate, noting in the final report which and how many postal addresses were duplicated. Deduplication is fundamental for effective address cleansing, because it is evident that if there are duplicate addresses the marketing campaigns, mailing hard copies by post, newsletters, etc. can lead to considerable waste in terms of time and money.


Egon data cleansing ensures that not only are the data correct, updated and unique, they are also enhanced with any missing information. This is another, more advanced phase that is achieved by cross checking the data in the software archives. For example, if the street number is missing from an address, it can be completed by tracking the name of the recipient or the company. If the area code is missing, it is found by exploring the remaining data. If the missing record cannot be assigned in total certainty, the most probable data is selected and fully recorded in the final report after the investigation.


To validate the addresses Egon software goes even further and when required is able to format the postal address in the output format required in the target country or postal system. This is not as obvious as it may seem: every country in the world has its official postal system which requires a specific format given by the requested data, their order, characters and more besides. Customization includes the native formats, transliterated or latinized, or the choice of the print format for the address in upper or lower case. A range of options to give the best postal address configuration in compliance with the numerous variables in the countries and their postal systems around the world.


Apart from the actions listed so far, Egon software is also able to translate the input addresses into the destination language. In this case, a database entered in Italian, English, Spanish, French, etc., is automatically translated into one of the available languages, therefore shortening the chain and reducing high overhead costs. The output database is already prepared in the selected language and ready to use immediately for mailing to customers or suppliers, or any other mailing activities.


Another additional operation with respect to standard data cleansing methods is geolocation on maps. The cleansed address is translated into the corresponding geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) and then input to the map or carried in GPS systems, georeferencing virtual environments, navigators and other applications. Geolocation on maps gives additional and important information and data, such as census zones, distances as the crow flies or pedestrian distances, places of interest, localization using street names, crossroads, corners and much more besides. Entirely automatically and fast without any risk of error.


The potential of address cleansing using Egon software is enormous. From an incomplete database with duplicates and obsolete data you obtain a cleansed and updated address database that is correct, complete, formatted in the country standard and target postal system, and even geolocated on maps and mobile devices.

All this guarantees incredibly faster and simpler marketing campaigns, data control and management with the results able to satisfy the highest standards of modern business needs. Shipping companies, ecommerce, removal firms, insurance companies, hotel chains, gardening and cleaning companies, web agencies, are just a few of the business that could benefit from address cleansing in the country where they operate and around the world. To convince yourself of the benefits given by Egon just try the free online software demo. Simply complete the form and you will be sent a username and password that enable you to try the services directly in your company applications, or in the websites or ecommerce sites you are interested in.

Exploring the functions of Egon and address cleansing technology is the first step to develop your business towards new horizons, eliminating at source all the waste caused by errors, misunderstanding, missing addresses, returned goods and more besides. From deduplication to updating, Egon guarantees an excellent work experience without any specific training needed. Request further information or try the free Egon demo for your address cleansing actions!