Batch geocoding software for any database – EGON


batch geocoding software Is it possible to perform batch geocoding on any database with online software? The answer is yes: not only is it possible to batch geocode a database, with online software it is also possible to do it easily and quickly. The objective of the operation is to acquire a file containing geocoded data of all the addresses in the sent database. Batch geocoding assigns corresponding geographical coordinates to basic addresses, including latitude and longitude. There is no need for local installations, specific machines or powerful hardware:the service is available 24 hours a day in any country in Europe and the world.The only requirements are the correct format of the data file and access to HTTP or FTP internet protocols for transmitting the file to Egon In the Cloud.

Upon receipt of the database file, the Egon software will normalise the data,perform batch geocoding, manage and resolve any anomalies and then return the definitive file, which is ready for immediate use.Enormous amounts of data are used in the remediation and enrichment of the database,with extreme rapidity and zero margin of error.

Online batch geocoding on Egon In the Cloud offers several advantages, starting with the low cost and execution speed:the whole operation, which is managed by the Egon software together with the basic supervision of a technician,involves minimum waiting time and a much higher quality result.


In addition to being available in online mode – in the cloud – Egon software can also be integrated with customers’ proprietary servers, in other words on the company premises. This operational version, called Egon On Premises, requires a preliminary phase, during which our technicians install the on premises application and train the staff. In both cases, the efficiency of the Egon batch geocoding software is guaranteed: normalised, enriched and tested databases, complete with all the information needed for the proper administration of your business. Act now!