Postal Addresses Verification in Magento eCommerce


postal addresses verification magento With the automatic verification of postal addresses, you can confirm the addresses of customers in real time and without any risk of error. This is an objective that millions of eCommerce businesses want to achieve, and content management systems created with Magento are among these. As we saw in the article ‘How much can you save with address normalization’, the verification procedure not only ensures the economic benefits correlated to successful deliveries, it also protects corporate image and therefore generates greater customer satisfaction. Benefits which also apply to those who have to manage one or more Magento eCommerce platforms, relying on an automatic verification system for postal addresses. But out of all the systems on the market, which is the best? And above all, how can this system improve our eCommerce business?

The most important factor in automatic address validation for a Magento ecommerce platform (and also for Woocommerce on WordPress or Virtuemart Joomla!) is the validation of input data. Basically, thanks to the use of integrated software like Magento, all the data entered by the user during registration or checkout are automatically processed, validated and corrected where necessary. As a further guarantee of good user experience, there is a real time support function while the user is typing, so the person who is carrying out the order already has a list of available options. The result is accurate, validated and normalised data, without delivery errors or problems with communication or the conclusion of orders.


Address verification software makes it possible to achieve the objective of full user satisfaction. Software like Egon, which is totally reliable, is able to handle an enormous amount of data on the Web, among other things, overseeing the integration and transmission of data from the user to the carrier. Developers and businesses can contact our technicians to find out more about what it offers: the fact that Egon is compatible with any eCommerce platform means that it is quick and easy to install, depending on business needs and the size of the company. Choose a professional solution for the automatic address verification of your Magento eCommerce platform.