All-in-one database address validation and geocoding service


address verification and geocoding service The now widespread use of computer technology that is able to manage large amounts of data, has led many companies to invest in expensive digital programmes that don’t always create competitive advantage. In fact, the quality of the data counts much more than the Software itself; value that depends not only on the management system, but also and above all on the characteristics of the data.

To make the most of a database the first thing you need to do is normalize and, where necessary, geocode the data. What do we mean by normalization and geocoding? The first is the analysis and correction of inaccuracies in a file of addresses (usually postal addresses), whereas geocoding refers to associating spatial locations and codes with data. But how can you do all of this automatically, or almost?

The simplest tool to normalize and geocode large amounts of data in superfast time is specially designed software. Software like Egon, which is capable of operating on multiple personal databases with the highest level of precision. In regard to normalization, Egon controls duplications, errors and missing addresses, updating and where necessary completing the individual fields or different sections that make up an address. The end result is a database with addresses in universal format, traceable from many different information systems. Geocoding on the other hand, enriches a database with statistical information and spatial locations relative to the reference cadastral micro-area.


At Egon, we offer companies and retailers of online products (ecommerce) that use complex databases for mailing activities a comprehensive consultancy service for data normalization and geocoding. In addition to the set-up, our technicians will also train staff on the proper use of the software, explaining in detail the settings, functionality and specifications required for data normalization and geocoding that meets expectations. To receive a personalized quote, make an appointment now!