Checking and verifying mailing addresses in Italy


mailing addresses italy Does your company use a database with Italian postal addresses?
Do you use a digital database with thousands of addresses for your ecommerce or website? Don’t underestimate the importance of periodic accurate controls. You must be sure that the Italian mailing addresses are constantly updated. Postal codes, provinces, municipal districts and even the streets can be changed from one moment to the next. If you don’t keep up with the times you risk losing valuable customers along the way, wasting money in mailing campaigns to inexistent addresses, or wasting time and resources due to parcels that are not delivered. The solution? Automatic software that allows you to check and correct the Italian mailing addresses (technically called “validation”) in your archives or database very quickly and easily.

With Egon software you can validate your Italian mailing addresses without any outside help. Very quickly your archives are correct and validated, by systematically comparing the input data. Egon software works with an updated and complete database of all the Italian mailing addresses, including the islands. The ideal solution to always be aligned with the Italian postal service and express couriers.
We must not forget that apart from obsolete data, another major problem in the home product delivery chain is address formatting, which are written following a certain order, following a schema that we at Egon know well and have included in the software.


Egon software has been created and optimized to provide a punctual, precise and error free service. Our staff is there to help the client companies and provide them the maximum assistance at any time, illustrating how Egon works and resolving their user problems. The best way to try the advantages and convenience of our software is to order a free Demo test version. This way you can see for yourself the savings and improved efficiency of your resources, for a really competitive business able to fully satisfy its end customers’ needs. Why wait?