Address validation tool: try Egon!

Egon is an address validation tool that is directly available online. Send your address database now to our online tool, and in a few minutes you will receive a perfectly validated base back, with a precise and updated address list in the right format ready for any heavy mailing campaigns.

Why you should validate your address database

address validation tool Validating a mailing address database could seem unnecessary at first, but it is amazing just how many businesses effectively need this type of tool. 

Just think of geomarketing firms, that need precise geolocation for hundreds of different companies and addresses to enable producing precise stats, whereas if there were not a perfectly validated address database all this work could be wasted. 

There are then the large telecommunications multinationals (some of whom are our customers). How could they send thousands of communications to their customers without wasting time and money in wrong or duplicated mailings, without a tool that is constantly able to verify and normalize each mailing address?

Address validation tool for small businesses

There are numerous different needs, and we must not forget small and medium size businesses because they too, after years of business, could find themselves with management software, crm or other applications full of incorrect addresses (due to previous inputting errors), duplicates (by inputting the same customer or supplier twice), incomplete or not updated, which is why small businesses increasingly need an efficient address validation tool, which they may only use occasionally but which is fundamental to their effectiveness.  

Egon is our address validation software that, for more than 10 years, has been offering businesses all round the world direct online support to satisfy this type of need. 

Egon for addresses: try the free Demo now!