Postal address cleansing web service: try Egon!

The tools in the Egon software suite also provide our customers with the special cleansing web service for European and International addresses. These tools enable any company to make an online link with any company database, crm, data entry, etc. to our validation motor, which works around the clock to filter the processes outputting cleansed and updated data and addresses.

Web and validation service integration

address cleansing web service Integrating the address cleansing web service is not complicated. With the help of our written guides or call center operators, who are able to take direct action in the most complex cases, you are able to rapidly use the online address cleansing services directly from the software you use every day in your company or branch offices. 

Address validation is our core business, and over the years we have worked to render this service available in the widest range of methods, beginning from traditional installation in the local data center, to then move onto the SaaS mode, through to the very recent creation of a 100% web platform where all the Egon platform services are available, from validation, geocoding, to deduplication.

Try Egon now and discover how you can integrate it into your software in just a few minutes!