Georeferencing Software for mailing address databases

Mailing address georeferencing is one of the fundament services guaranteed by the Egon data quality tool. If you have a mailing address database and want to link all the geographic information to each record, send your database now to Egon, the best georeferencing software online, and within a few minutes your database will be returned perfectly georeferenced.

Best georeferencing software online for address databases: Egon

georeferencing software online The aim of georeferencing is to precisely identify a point on a map using the longitude and latitude coordinates.  It is clear how this sort of activity could be fundamental in many business areas.

However the usefulness of georeferencing is not only appreciated in business, but also everyday life for any private individual.
Whoever uses a sat-nav, for example, could not use its services if it did not have software installed that is able to georeference the input addresses.

Egon software: After validation mailing address database georeferencing …

With Egon, there is a double advantage because our best georeferencing software online is able to accept thousands of addresses and process them, above all controlling the addresses and promptly correcting the errors and updating the obsolete data, to then proceed with the georeferencing phase.