Online batch geocoding service: Egon software

Geocoding is a process where the relative area codes are assigned to a given address, the fundamental data being the map coordinates, latitude and longitude. Egon software is directly available in the web for batch geocoding online of any address database extremely precisely and in just a few minutes.

Batch geocoding service

Batch geocoding service

A batch process means a massive operation, wherein up to millions of addresses are uploaded, standardized and geocoded. Naturally a database containing the mailing address is the input to the process, in any format. For Egon, the addresses can refer to any country in the world, as we were born and have grown in Europe and geocoding European countries, but we have now extended our coverage and are able to provide an international batch geocoding service for more than 250 countries.
The output from the batch geocoding is a file, i.e. a database containing the geocoded data for all the international addresses that were uploaded.

Online geocoding

Our geocoding services are available directly online, all you have do to is enter our Egon web portal, send us the input database of any size, and wait a few minutes for the geocoding process to be completed. No local installations, machines or hardware, just a total service available anywhere our users are situated and at any time of the day or night.

Geocoding and georeferencing

These are distinctions for the experts, especially because the two terms are often used as if they were synonyms. However, if we wanted to define the difference between geocoding and georeferencing, we could say that geocoding involves assigning all the geographic and territorial codes to a specific geographic location or address, where georeferencing means assigning the coordinates, latitude and longitude.

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