International address format: try Egon!

Egon is specialised software for controlling the postal format of any international address ensuring mailing is ready in just a few seconds:

International address formats and companies’ needs

international address format

It may seem excessive to want to guarantee the correct postal format of an international address, but it is fast becoming a growing need. The problem is very simple, because each individual country has its own specific postal format rules, often similar and often very different from each other. To date there is no universally standardised established international postal address format, which is why companies that work on the international markets need software that controls the address correctness and format in real time to avoid waste, erroneous mailing or just to demonstrate how professional they are to their clients.

Egon software and international postal address format

Egon software validates, corrects, geocodes or deduplicates any international address, so even corrects a wrong address. Egon can be installed locally as backup to current administration software (as an additional plugin) or directly via the web, to return correct and updated mailing addresses to the users and, above all, with the correct format. Each international address is given in the correct format according to the country in question, enabling the company to immediately proceed with totally secure mailing. 

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