Postal code lookup: EGON helps you in a few minutes!

Postal code lookup

Are you looking for a professional application to help you in the postal code lookup?

Egon is a complete software suite, organised for address validation and geocoding. Among all the various functions offered by Egon it is perfectly able to retrieve any international postal code and integrate it into your addresses at any time.


Type into our search mask a location anywhere in the world and, if it exists, Egon will immediately return the correct postal code. The auto-complete is also available in batch mode, so if you give us an address database to validate, we will complete the addresses with any missing postal codes (or highlight any incorrect ones).

POSTCODE and mailing search

Postal code lookup is an important aspect of dispatch management. Egon is a consolidated instrument in the international data quality scenario, with undisputed functional guarantees.

Thanks to our processing system, we guarantee immediate and continuous availability of all the best resources to improve the your address quality, enabling you to considerably reduce costs and increase efficiency in handling addresses in all the company applications that use them.

Reduced dispatch costs and advertising campaign costs and the resulting beneficial postal rates is a main priority for numerous companies. The problems caused by incorrect or missing postal data are never fully assessed in the opening phases, but only once the problems have actually arisen, with the consequent damage of dispatches returned to the sender, duplicate dispatches and gradual decrease in the average number of orders.