Geolocalisation Software: Egon

Geolocalisation software is a widely needed in numerous different fields today. Our Egon geolocalisation software is able to satisfy all these different needs, and interface with data coming from any country in the world.

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geolocalisation software

The purpose of geolocalisation software

  • Geocoding territorial data: analysis of territorial data about any geographic position that is identified by precise map coordinates
  • Customer data: data retrieval for business customers based on territorial information
  • Map representation: mapping and the possibility of viewing the territorial data about potential customers or competitors
  • Geomarketing: strategic marketing analyses, based on geographic data that enables dividing the area in question into zones and micro-zones.


Egon is a complete software suite that provides precious help in territorial data geolocalisation for any region in the world.

Our data quality software package can support even the most varied of business functions, in particular:

    • Address standardisation
    • Data deduplication
    • Assigning precise geographic coordinates
    • Integrating data from varied sources
    • autocomplete of missing data

Egon can be smoothly integrated into any type of business architecture, and is perfectly adaptable to any operating system and management software.

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