Email address verification: Egon the web solution for data entry

Email address verification and personal data validation are technical factors that are constantly repeated in the web, and are fundamental to collect precise data about the users and offer quality services without any blocking errors.


email address verification and validation Users who surf the web often find registration forms of varying levels of complexity to fill in with their personal data. They may just be websites such as blogs or forums about general or specific topics, or business portals (e.g. job search portals) or simply websites that are of interest for a hobby. In all events, the user has to register if they wish to interact with the system.

In these cases, the user clearly could input incorrect information, either unwillingly due to a typing error or, more seriously, willingly, and a website needs adequate control systems for the input data.

For email addresses the control is particularly important to ensure the users receive the proposed services.


For example, the data entry systems used in call centres require very strict and fast control mechanisms for the data entered by the operators. All the data supplied by phone and input immediately, must be controlled in real time and if there are any errors or duplicates, the system must be able to warn the operator straight away. In this case again, email address verification is one of the assessments the system must guarantee very quickly indeed, as nowadays the email is a valuable contact data for many purposes, including direct email marketing.


Egon is a software application that provides efficient personal data and email verification and validation, either online with a simple web form, or integrated as a plug-in in any other application. This means that Egon is able to guarantee real time validation functions for any current software architecture.