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Postal address verification online services.

Address verification basically means an automatic address control mechanism, for validation and ongoing update (new municipal or provincial areas, changes in street names and zip-codes, etc.).

Other functions can be activated at the same time, such as geocoding and deduplication in addition to the address verification.

With a few clicks, a series of addresses can be sent to our system in any format (excel, text, fixed, .csv, etc.). Egon will immediately conduct an accurate verification and correct any errors and add missing data (e.g. zip-code, etc.).

postal address verification

In just a few minutes you will receive an output file of verificated addresses and a report with the process statistics (correct addresses, warnings, errors, etc.) and you can export the entire address database and use it in any other company software.

Besides verification: rejected addresses are corrected

At the end of the postal address verification and validation process, you will be able to view the records marked with error messages one at a time, and then correct them manually.

The reject correction function means you will be assisted in this delicate phase by the Egon support that notifies you of potential validated candidates for each incorrect address.

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