Global address validation service


global address validation service Italian, Spanish, French, German and English companies… very often they all have the same problem: finding an address validation service that is globally effective. In fact, postal address validation services are often only effective in one country; usually the country in which the company offering the service is based. But it is obvious that a medium-sized company operating in Italy, or Spain, or France, or in any other country, may need to interact with international customers and partners outside its country of origin.

It is therefore important to use a service that can validate databases of foreign postal addresses, in the original language, and also, if possible, in the address format used in the target country. Only in this way is it possible to get results that live up to your expectations.

By validating postal addresses all over the world you can retrieve individual addresses or entire databases containing up to thousands of addresses. Huge volumes that have to be verified, corrected, updated and, if necessary, enriched with missing information. A job that would take weeks, if not months for a physical person to complete. That’s why it is essential to validate addresses with automated software with advanced features such as geocoding (assigning geographic coordinates to addresses) or deduplication (eliminating duplicates in the database). But above all, it is important that the software is able to analyse the various records in the original language, creating a file that is legible and usable (also by IT programs) in the selected language.

EGON: Global address validation service

Our company has developed a next generation software for global address validation and retrieval. The software also validates personal demographic information and other types of information in the world’s most common languages, using methods ranging from batch to online validation, autocomplete (data entry) or integrated into business applications and standard environments.  A professional solution for address validation in CRM, Data Warehouse, Mailing and Ecommerce systems, to name but a few. Coverage is guaranteed in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and South America, according to the tables listed in the “Countries” section of this website.