Address encoding and data cleansing: the importance of effective data management in the era of Big Data

In a world where the volume of data is growing exponentially, the ability to rely on quality business data becomes essential for making informed strategic decisions and maintaining a competitive advantage in the global market.

Efficient management of business data supported by suitable software solutions for Data Quality is indeed the key to turning the challenges posed by Big Data into concrete business opportunities.

In this context, data cleansing is not just a maintenance operation but becomes a fundamental strategy to ensure integrity, compliance, and added value to data. This value translates immediately into effective business actions, ROI optimization, and increased sales.

Errors, duplicates, and outdated information in business data can not only slow down production processes but also lead to incorrect business decisions, customer loss, and significant economic losses.

This is why data cleansing is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In this regard, using advanced tools and technologies for Data Quality becomes an essential activity.

encode postal addresses Egon software for address validation is the leading solution in Italy for  postal and registry address validation and encoding. It offers an advanced and integrated suite capable of addressing various data cleansing and data management needs with great precision and ease.

With worldwide coverage that guarantees a competitive data formatting and verification service for over 250 countries worldwide, Egon is currently the only solution in the Italian market that ensures management of global urbanistic peculiarities.


Egon positions itself as the leading solution in the Italian and global data cleansing landscape, offering a suite of advanced tools dedicated to analysis, validation, geocoding, and data deduplication. A versatile software that proves to be an indispensable asset for businesses and organizations of all sizes, thanks to its ability to offer accurate management of large volumes of data with maximum speed and ease.

Address Encoding: With Egon ID, you can finally uniquely identify your addresses!

online address validation and encoding In the management of marketing activities and logistics, having encoded data and addresses is essential to ensure timely deliveries and targeted communications, thus improving the relationship and loyalty with the customer.
Validating and uniquely identifying addresses and business data using the power, precision, and speed of calculation of a powerful and advanced Data Quality software like Egon becomes, therefore, an essential activity to build and nurture a solid relationship with your target audience, bringing value and efficiency to the entire Supply Chain.

But how does Egon ID work, and how can it help you uniquely identify every address and business data?
Let’s see it in detail by focusing on the three core functionalities of Egon: validation, geocoding, and deduplication.


Validating and Geocoding Addresses

Validation and geocoding of addresses are two fundamental functionalities offered by the Egon suite.
Through these two processes, Egon transforms raw and often inconsistent addresses in business databases into standardized and structured data, harmonizing them according to international and local regulations and enriching them with precise and unique geographical coordinates. This facilitates their identification and allows for precise and effective information exchange between different companies and entities worldwide.

This allows for high consistency of business data, essential to manage marketing and logistics activities with maximum efficiency and reliability, eliminating the risk of errors, unforeseen costs, and resource waste..

Using the validation and geocoding functionalities offered by Egon means ensuring the use of correct, standardized, and real-time updated data and addresses, for precise and worldwide corporate information exchange.


Deduplication and Redundancy Elimination

With the data deduplication process, Egon eliminates redundancies and duplicate entries within databases, reducing all duplicates to their unique form. This is a fundamental activity to eliminate the risk of costly operational errors, such as double sending of advertising material or official communications sent multiple times to the same company.
Problems easily solvable by relying on an advanced Data Quality solution like the one offered by the Egon suite, which is also useful, in the case of deduplication, for the integration and merging of multiple archives or databases.
If you need to analyze your business databases to eliminate errors, redundancies, and inaccuracies or need a tool capable of integrating into your applications to support you in the correct, unique, and updated data entry, TRY EGON! REQUEST THE FREE DEMO.

EGON: the Winning Choice for Competitive and Efficient Data Quality

postal address encoding system Egon Software is, therefore, the winning choice for companies that want to improve data management and usage by leveraging all the potential offered today by new technologies related to Data Cleansing.

Thanks to its ability to operate on large amounts of data and ensure global management of different urbanistic peculiarities, Egon has become a national standard for data validation and encoding, chosen and adopted as a road management tool, address validation, and geocoder by major companies and entities throughout Italy.

Accessible online, through an internet connection, or can be installed on premises, with integration into corporate applications via web services or as an additional plug-in for existing infrastructures (such as SalesForce, SAP, CRM etc.), Egon is a versatile software solution designed to perfectly adapt to the needs of every reality, bringing data management and usage to the highest levels of performance, quality, and efficiency.