Postal Address Finder

Postal Address Finder: Updating Contact Lists

postal address finder Maintaining a current contact list allows a business to add potential good customers and maintain existing contacts. Unfortunately, all lists age. Manual lists may fail the readability test. Egon can assure that your call list is current and the address is complete and valid:

Batch Process for Mailing List Maintenance

Egon updates your database so that errors are removed, regardless of type of address, personal material, customer, or business service. This company takes a complex database, cleans it up (deleting bad lines, correcting entries, adding missing data, etc.), and delivering it in a form readable by your proprietary software, business package, or Egon’s own proprietary package on your existing server or maintaining it in cloud or on designated servers.

Working Within a Proprietary System

Industrial confidentiality may limit a company’s comfort level with sending any database out of the company. Egon is experienced with providing its services “inhouse” as a consulting service integrated into a company’s existing software applications (e.g., as a “plug-in”), thus providing data updating on the input side of common software infrastructures. Back-up services via dedicated Egon server resident to business site or remotely on “the cloud” are viable options for any company using any operating system.

World of Right Addresses

Business reaches beyond country boundaries and beyond continents. Address format varies across the globe. Egon service completes addresses in appropriate format anywhere in the world through “Egon Online.” Accessing this service via the web is simple. Users are presented with an address form on the Egon site where partial data are validated, blank fields are automatically filled, and appropriate coordinates are added. A map display of the address point is generated as part of the address update/verification process. An “autocomplete” mode provides postal code, town, province, or state to the address automatically, all appropriate for country and local usage.

Today’s Business Solution for Timely Database Management

Every company may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that bombards its business on a daily basis. Contact lists need not be overwhelming and they can be maintained and used readily. Apt solutions exist and are available.

Accessing Egon Services

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