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Egon is a data quality software that can be integrated with pre-existing enterprise applications. The use of web services allows for the address validation with internet protocols, resulting in the complete integration of Egon native functionalities with any type of software used within the company (management, CRM, etc.).

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Web services: address validation straight from your company

address validation web service

Egon was designed, built and progressively optimised with the aim of making it available to companies in the most varied forms possible, based on specific needs. The software is installed locally by our specialised staff, using the client company’s architectural intranet.

Over time, the need to use cloud platforms for long distance collaboration, also led us to develop web services that were able to permit Egon to “converse” with any other type of software, even over long distances. In this way, the use of address validation web services has enabled companies to eliminate any kind of problems related to the architectural hardware necessary for the integration of Egon with company software, allowing them to focus solely on the benefits of the service.

Any type of management, CRM or other software is now able to take complete advantage of Egon’s full potential for address validation, through simple calls to our web services.

From web services to address validation via a web page

Inevitably, the next step was the construction of a web application that was able to replicate all the validation functions of Egon, not only over long distances, but directly via a web interface that is available at any time and from anywhere in the world. It is possible to validate an address or entire database, to use geocoding and deduplication services, all in just a few simple clicks. Egon Web is our latest evolutionary project, developed to simplify things for our clients, and it is already generating considerable satisfaction; on the one hand for clients, who in many cases now prefer the agility of using local web applications, and obviously on the other for us, as the satisfaction expressed by our clients for the progressive evolution of our project is always rewarding, and has always corresponded to our passion.

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