Address cleansing using Egon WEB

address cleansing Our core business is based on the fundamental element of address cleansing, which involves analyzing and correcting any errors in the databases, for example regarding business clients and suppliers, adding any missing data (e.g. zip code, district, etc.)

The logical summary of the procedure is simple:

  • Input: address (on demand service) or address database (for batch correction and cleansing)
  • Recovering the correct data
  • Validating the input addresses
  • Geolocation on request
  • Auto-completion of any missing data
  • Return correct address or validated and integrated database


Database cleansing (mainly addresses and personal data), is often necessary for a company to enable completing certain delicate operations, such as changing from old to new management software, integrating data held in a number of digital databases into a single master data warehouse, or simply reorganizing postal data addressed to reducing wasted costs and mailing errors.
These may seem extreme situations, but our experience, and that of our clients, has taught us that correct data management, i.e. data quality, eventually becomes of fundamental importance for companies of any size, because any business activity is based on the everyday management of hundreds, if not thousands, of data.
Prompt action to guarantee optimum data and address management by address cleansing via web or locally, helps prevent critical situations arising as the data volume gradually increases, meaning that the optimum use is essential, planning complex recovery actions of all the complete databases.