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address verification

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personal data validation

Egon: Data Quality Management Software AND ADDRESS VERIFICATION

The data quality demonstrates the accuracy and completeness with which certain data represent the effective entity they refer to. Working for postal address verification and data quality means verifying, optimising and integrating the data in any address database so that it is reliable and functional to the purpose it was created for.

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egon: data quality software and address validationHigh quality standard archives and databases should be a priority for any enterprise, as it means aiming for excellence by giving value to the entire wealth of data, making the business analyses and marketing initiatives more effective and improving the efficiency of the customer services and mailing services.

Poor data quality is often useless, and only the correct organisation, clear identification and constant updating allow fully exploiting all the potential of the data.

Quality archives and databases guarantee considerable economic and logistics savings for enterprise whose key to success is based on operations tuning.

EGON: data quality solutions available directly via web

Egon is a data quality system online available directly by the web that provides all-round operations for international postal address verification. It is a sound and consolidated package that is exceptionally flexible, and easily adapts to any platform to continue serving you every moment of the day, providing you and your data with a noteworthy qualitative leap.Data Quality Management Software

  • Do you need a data quality software online to migrate to new IT systems and want to be certain that none of your data will be lost?
  • Do you need a postal address validation software in order to clean all your enterprise databases (shipping address validation, included personal data too), enhance them with any missing data and remove all the errors?
  • Do you want to integrate all the data in different databases for improved user profiling?
  • Do you need a precise batch address verification and geocoding service that will help you in the delicate Geomarketing operations?



We dedicate great care and passion to designing, constructing and constantly refining our postal address verification and data quality software services, so that we are able to handle all the requirements for data quality, from address and personal data validation and deduplication, to geocoding, data integration and enhancement. These are just some of the fundamental keywords that enable Egon to guarantee high data quality levels in any database.

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