Holiday Overindulgence.

Every year during the Christmas holidays we relax, stop caring about calories and are less active; then comes the inevitable moment when we can no longer put off stepping on the scales…

With the arrival of a New Year, as we are bombarded with rules to follow for a healthy life, we start to regain control and bring ourselves back into line. We are constantly being told to eat more fruit and veg and drink more water, to drastically reduce carbohydrates and eat less red meat, to walk at least half an hour a day and sleep more; to mention but a few of the countless dos and don’ts. The concept is this: if I want to live a healthy life, I have to adopt a global approach to my lifestyle.

And the same applies to the quality of data. To keep your data in good health, it is necessary to follow the “rules for a healthy life”, such as validating and updating addresses and verifying personal or duplicated data.

There are many ways in which people seek to stay in good health and each has its pros and cons, but what really counts is that each single action is part of a bigger plan. Obtaining healthy data works in almost the same way. You need to take actions that have more sense for both you and your business. If you think about it, every action you take to obtain good quality data can be based on previous actions taken to get closer to your final goal. The first and most important step is to validate addresses; the verification of addresses and their constant updating is a fundamental component of any data quality strategy, and an essential starting point for ensuring a sound customer relationship management. The second step could be the validation of personal data, such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and identification codes. Even the fields that you think are in good condition will probably reveal imperfections during the process, but most likely these can also be perfected.This step could be followed by using the deduplication servicewhich allows you to uniquely identify each customer and thereby avoid duplications. Once the addresses are validated, you can move on to geocoding. Who isn’t familiar with the saying: New Year, New Life? Because a New Year always brings change; but you are responsible for the change being positive. Nothing should be left to chance!Now it’s time to geolocate your customers accurately so that you can analyse the data in a territorial context, with the aim of taking stock of the past year and making projections for the year to come.  Just as it is time for a healthy lifestyle, now is the moment to begin your healthy journey towards data quality. It just takes time, diligence and the objective to achieve data quality in the best possible way.So what are you waiting for? Now that you know what the best strategy is, put your trust in someone who is competent in this matter.