Shipping Database Update: with Egon software, it’s easy, fast and automatic!

In the frenetic world of shipping, efficiency and accuracy are indispensable requirements to avoid incorrect or failed deliveries. From this perspective, errors in postal addresses represent one of the main sources of inefficiency in the logistics sector, as they cause delays, additional costs and consequent customer dissatisfaction.
These problems not only negatively impact the company’s reputation, but, can also lead to significant financial losses. This is where the shipping database update comes into play, a vital task for efficient and quality shipping management, which can be simplified and automated thanks to Egon software.

Chosen and adopted as a street management tool by major Italian companies and entities, Egon is a next-generation Data Quality software , designed to ensure maximum accuracy in managing and updating postal addresses through advanced normalization, validation, and geocoding processes.

updating shipping database Developed with powerful algorithms that allow for quick, easy and efficient cleansing processes on entire databases or individual files, Egon helps you effectively manage the update of business databases, helping you optimize time and ultimately eliminating the risk of costly errors in shipping your products due to incorrect or incomplete data. With Egon, every shipment always reaches the intended destination smoothly and with maximum ease!


Shipping Database Update with Egon: How It Works

Egon offers an advanced software solution for updating business data and address databases with maximum ease and speed. Designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, this powerful software allows you to automate the process of address validation and geocoding, ensuring always up-to-date and precise data. But how does it work?

Imagine having a super-efficient assistant who, with just a few clicks, verifies, corrects, and optimizes your postal addresses, whether you are working on a single file or processing entire databases, Egon does just that, giving you streamlined, fast, and incredibly cost-effective shipping management.

Usable directly online or installed on your business systems, through dedicated integration via web service or plug-ins, Egon allows you to instantly access the address validation service at any time and from anywhere.

shipping database update and validation

Here are its main features::

  1. Postal address validation
  2. Postal address geocoding
  3. Deduplication of postal addresses and personal data
  4. Normalization of personal data

Let’s briefly see them in detail.


Address Validation

Address validation is the first fundamental step in the data cleansing process. In this phase, Egon compares the entered addresses with all major official international sources, automatically correcting errors, standardizing the format according to local and international regulations, and adding any missing details (such as province or municipality). This process ensures that every address in your database is complete, correct, and ready to be efficiently used in shipping operations.


Geocoding goes beyond simple address verification, as it transforms each address into geospatial data, assigning precise geographic coordinates. This process, essential for logistics and geolocated marketing, allows Egon to accurately map each address, ensuring correct and smooth shipments. Whether it’s a single address or an entire databases, Egon’s geocoding allows you to obtain precise real-time locations, helping you efficiently complete your shipments.


Shipping databases often contain duplicates or redundant information that can complicate data management and increase costs. Deduplication is the process through which Egon identifies and removes these duplicates, reducing them to their unique form..
An essential operation to improve data quality and optimize shipping management, thereby reducing the risk of errors and inefficiencies.

Personal Data Normalization

In addition to postal address validation, Egon also offers normalization services for personal data such as names, emails and phone numbers. With this service, Egon verifies the accuracy and consistency of personal data, correcting any errors and ensuring that all information is up-to-date and correct. Personal data normalization is crucial for maintaining reliable personal databases, improving communication with customers, and optimizing marketing strategies.

Egon Software for Shipping Database Update: All the Benefits

With Egon, updating your shipping database becomes a breeze!

Thanks to a completely automated process, Egon allows you to cleanse your postal address archives with ease and speed, increasing data quality and, therefore, the efficiency of your operations.

shipping database update software With Egon, you can say goodbye to delivery delays caused by incomplete or incorrect addresses!
By using our software, you’ll be able to eliminate the costs associated with re-deliveries and can significantly increase customer satisfaction, with timely and quality services. By optimizing logistics processes and reducing errors, you’ll also improve your company’s reputation in the market, becoming a more reliable and competitive business partner.

That’s why choosing Egon means making a strategic investment for your company!


Say Goodbye to Obsolete Data and Shipping Errors!

Adopting Egon as a support software for shipping database updates means embracing proactive and cutting-edge data management.
A choice that not only simplifies and speeds up daily operations related to Data Management but also opens up new perspectives and opportunities in logistics and marketing strategies. With Egon you can finally focus on what really matters: expanding your business and improving your customers’ experience, knowing that your data management is in safe hands.

In a digital age where data is everything, Egon represents the ideal partner to confidently tackle all challenges related to Data Quality.

By transforming data and address updates into a smooth and stress-free operation, Egon liberates you from the worry of managing obsolete data and facing the costly problems associated with shipping errors.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a step forward towards innovation and start implementing more efficient and reliable business data management with Egon now!