Validate an address: the advantages of automatic software

validate an address To validate a mailing address means to analyse it and then correct or update it as needed.

This is a common occurrence for most companies, as any postal delivery of materials, goods, information or advertising materials requires being addressed to the right place to avoid wasted costs for incorrect mailing, or even duplicated or even tripled mailing to the same address, which only reflects badly on the company image.

The problems that affect correct mailing organisation and management are real and can be summarised in two main areas:

  • Changes in the local data are quite normal (changed postcodes, new streets, uniting provinces or creating new ones, etc.)
  • Manual address input by company operators is subject to human errors and ageing.


The obvious question is: how can I correct an address and using which sources?

The idea of appointing somebody to review each of the addresses in the databases one by one, retrieve any duplicates, update the addresses from the public lists, etc., is just not practicable, because it would mean an enormous expenditure of time and money without guaranteed quality results.

However, specially designed software is available to automatically analyse entire address databases, compare them with a thesaurus that is updated on a daily basis from the official sources from all the countries around the world, and then proceed with correcting the errors, removing any duplicates (e.g. the same customer input with the name and surname, and again with the company name, or the same customer input three times if there are three separate entities as there are three local branches) and geocoding if required.

If you are looking for a product that is able to do all this, then all you have to do is try our web service!

In just a few minutes you will be able to test our validation software free of charge online, and see for yourself how powerful and precise the Egon calculation engine is. You will be able to validate an address directly from a form, see how automatic field completion works which is managed in real time by the system, request geolocation on a map and even send your address database and receive it validated in output (batch function).