Address Validation online: Validate your address online now

Using Egon Online means direct web access to a simple data entry form where you can have just a single address validated whenever you need.

address validation online software TRY EGON ONLINE NOW!

Egon Online enables correcting international addresses at any time and from any location. All you need is an internet link.

Various functions are available:

  • Address validation online and duplicate check
  • Automatic enhancement of any blank fields
  • Add the coordinates
  • Map display

The address validation online services work by means of interactive automatic checks, enabling the system to work in real time to backup any of the user’s requests.

By simply inputting the location, you could receive the postcode, town and province, thanks to the completely automatic function (autocomplete).

If you input all the address data, you can receive the precise map coordinates down to the street number and see it displayed on a map (geolocalisation).

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