Data quality and address validation for CRM systems

CRM systems have to work with precise databases that are constantly monitored and updated. Invest in customer relationship management without assigning number one priority to data quality can create regrettable consequences and persistent frustration for analysts and marketing managers who have to use the tools every day.

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Profitable CRM use depends on the data quality

Data quality and address validation for CRM systemsNo matter which CRM system is used, data quality is the cornerstone to enable the effective use of the software.

As the data refers to the customers all current and future marketing strategies and customer relations depend on the data and the certainty they are correct is fundamental. Practically speaking, a good data quality system implemented in any CRM software must ensure:

  • A complete initial database cleansing in batch form
  • Periodic database maintenance
  • Real time control of the data input by the operators.
  • Deletion and/or grouping of multiple data about the same customer (duplicate check)
  • Rapid update to the addresses, zip codes, company data, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring of the data quality in the database.

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For any management needs of your CRM system data quality, Egon is the answer for you. It is multiplatform software that is easily integrated into any current CRM software, owing to the maximum flexibility of the protocols it is constructed on.

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