Below are the main application fields for Egon:

  • mailing
  • crm
  • data integration
  • data profiling
  • data quality
  • data warehouse
  • database
  • Bad mailing? Bad data!
  • CRM and data quality. A synthesis for success!
  • Data integration: data are no longer anonymous, but have an identity and discover their ties
  • Data profiling to fully understand the information
  • Data quality: the foundations to construct a valid database
  • Data Warehouse Quality for better and faster decisions!
  • Database: with a constant check-up, the data last longer
  • duplicate-check
  • ebusiness
  • geocoding
  • legacy
  • data migration
  • pa
  • risk
  • Duplicate check... the answer to the question “How many clients do you have?”
  • E-business: the web filter is the data quality
  • Geocoding: data finds its home!
  • Controlled and unique legacies to optimise processes and reduce costs!
  • Migration to new systems? An excellent opportunity for spring cleaning!
  • P.A. data quality reduces the obstacles along the road to innovation!
  • Risk management and anti-fraud: research strategies so no risks have to be taken!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): to backup CRM software applications to optimise promotional campaigns.

Data Warehousing for validating and integrating data from different sources, guaranteeing the goodness of fit, accuracy and uniqueness of the data and their constant updating. Simplified migration to new systems by means of dynamic acquisition tools, processing controls and data conversion.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): to improve data management directly within the ERP applications.

E-business: to improve e-business projects and web based applications, addressed to filtering the errors when the users are being registered.

Mailing: to improve the efficiency of mailing campaigns, identifying the undesired areas and subjects (screening), preparing and ordering the data according to precise rules (formatting), guaranteeing rapid delivery.

Direct Marketing Campaigns: the quality of the data provided by the customers is often very poor for direct marketing. Validating the lists before beginning the campaign prevents returned deliveries and eliminates the often considerable costs involved with repeat dispatches, and also reduces the general overhead costs and times.

Call Centre: call centre operators are often stressed by time pressure and the quality and accuracy of the data is crucial. Automatically checking the data provided by call centre operators helps reduce errors to a minimum and optimise time and cost.

Web portals: data coming from the internet, whether input by the clients or prospects, are often unreliable or incorrect. The validation service combined with the user registration in the portal guarantees higher quality and precision for all the valuable collected data.

Data entry: data are collected by external processing centres or other sources, often by unspecialised operators, if assistance is provided for the data entry it is the key to guarantee data quality and reduced errors.

Publishing: by experience, businesses that send product catalogues and brochures by post know the effort involved with handling the failed deliveries, and the work required to check the single addresses afterwards. The iPuzzle validation system provides a unique solution to all the data problems, including, for example, changing the postcodes which are managed automatically even for obsolete addresses.

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