Integrated with applications

address validation applicationEgon application software is not only able to work in batch mode on entire databases, but is also able to integrate and work with any other type of application and in standard enterprise applications.

To be precise, any enterprise software that is used for data processing, and by means of integration with Egon, you software will be able to request backup from the Egon engine for validation and all the other functions via the enterprise intranet, or via web, depending on the type of installation you choose (On Premises In the Cloud).

Egon can be integrated with any IT solution, including the most common standard software infrastructures, where it can be adapted as an additional plug-in.

  • Integration with enterprise applications (on line – batch): Integration with enterprise applications (on line – batch): via web service, Egon is integrated in the enterprise software which exploits it in real time (Egon works online via the company intranet or via web, directly when the application is running, to backup the data entry) or in automated batch mode in the processes.

    Integration is totally independent from the reference system (Windows, Linux, Unix, IBMi, Mainframe etc.) and is possible with any kind of application:

    • CRM
    • ERP
    • data entry software
    • web
    • e-business
  • Integration in standard enterprise applications: in this case Egon is integrated as an additional plug-in in current infrastructures, such as:
    • IBM
    • Oracle
    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • SAP
    • Windows
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