Autocomplete service

Complete your address now with the missing dataThe auto complete function is applied to any data entry online form, and enables displaying the suggested elements during data entry. Through a complex filtering system, auto complete enables users to retrieve and select the required element from a preformed list of candidates.

In technical terms, acquiring the third byte (e.g. in the location field, digit “mil”), triggers a call to the system to search among the corresponding items, then displays a list of values to choose from. Continuing to digit, the search is able to gradually be refined and enable the user to filter the list and optimise the research by reducing the number of possible candidates.

The Egon engine guarantees this function by means of continuously calling the system, with analysis through a preset data array, starting with the reference thesaurus which contains hundreds of thousands of data bits for each field (location, postcode, province, etc.).

In operational terms, it is an important typing backup for any data entry requirements, and this module becomes an essential feature for a vast number of enterprises to drastically reduce data entry times, on one hand, and possible human errors during input on the other, as the entire typing cycle is backed up by the suggestions of the possible “correct” candidates.

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