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Egon On Site (On Premises)

Egon On Premises: all the security of a traditional local installation..

Egon ON PREMISES: security and performance

Egon On Premises: local in your intranetEgon is distributed and activated by means of a specific local installation on the client’s server, and operates through the company intranet through continuous dialogue between the company software application processes and the engine.

Obviously, this type of use implies higher implementation costs, due to the specific nature of the local installation in the company server. However, despite the initial higher investment this service is still a favourite with the target of more technologically advanced users, who require full controls of the entire technical infrastructure they need for their efficient operations.

How to use Egon

For now Egon can be used in the following ways:

  • Batch: Egon takes on an entire database and cleanses it, returning a validated database in output.
  • Integration in enterprise application software (online – batch): through web service Egon is integrated in the enterprise application software which exploits it in real time (Egon works online via the company intranet, directly when the application is running, to improve data entry) or in automatic batch mode in the processes.
  • Integration in standard enterprise applications as a plug-in: in this case Egon is integrated in current local systems such as Oracle, Google, Windows, SAP, etc.
  • Online: which is a web interface where single functions can be exploited in real time, such as validating single addresses.
  • Autocomplete: data entry backup with automatic suggestions of possible values in real time, during data typing and entry in input forms.

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Egon - data quality online software:
address verification services,
geocoding and deduplication

Local solutions or directly via web (Clouding)

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