Direct mailing and improved communications

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Direct mailing involves marketing activities addressed to directly reaching potential clients through specific mail communications. Each marketing campaign exploits the classic postal service to reach their destination.


Strictly related to all direct marketing activities, but not to be confused with other similar ones, such as:

  • email marketing: : the marketing message is sent via email
  • telemarketing: telephone sales of products and services
  • mobile marketing: advertising campaigns sent via mobile phone

One of the worst outcomes of a direct mailing campaign is due to imprecise postal management which, in turn, is due to imprecise IT systems and client databases.

A poorly managed campaign can be counter-productive as duplicated mailing, incorrect names and addresses, failed deliveries, create various problems, the most obvious being:

  • waste of money (for failed deliveries)
  • bad reputation (with potential customers, who receive two or even three of the same communications)
  • inability to verify the campaign (if we don’t know who effectively receives the message, we are unable to assess the effectiveness of the campaign)


Our software suite has been set up to analyse databases containing hundreds of thousands of addresses, validate them, deduplicate them (eliminating duplicated records) and enhance them, converging the data from different areas for the same user, guaranteeing an effective marketing profile.

If you would like more information about our validation and control services, do not hesitate to contact us. Every business needs to invest in data quality if they want to promote their products and services through direct mailing campaigns.

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