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Work 2012 and lifestyles: 11 social trends where sharing prevails, Social Trends 2012.

Social networking, crowd sourcing, open data, geolocalisation, gamification, cloud computing, co-creation, social commerce, buying groups and all the other trends that will mark 2012.

Social media, cloud computing and Mobile are just some of the distinctive Information Technology trends in 2012, Informatica Corporation claims, an independent provider of data integration solutions and services.

«IT consumeration is gradually narrowing down the border between the personal and work worlds, while the increasing number of online tools and social networks make it amazingly easy to share and exchange data», Fredi Agolli, country manager Informatica Software Italia, pointed out. In fact an article by Ivana Pais is dedicated to the bond between technological innovation and social and work changes, which was published in the Cloud blog of the “Corriere della Sera” entitled “The eleven social trends that are changing our work”.

Social networking, start-up, crowd sourcing, prosumer, social commerce, deal, open data, geolocalisation, gamification and cloud computing are trends which emerged during 2011 and will be affirmed in 2012. Websites for creating professional networks, including LinkedIn and Viadeo, are highly appreciated by web users. Despite the fact Italy is one of the countries that invest least in venture capital, in 2011 there was a very lively start-up scenario, Pais explains.

Resource to crowd sourcing, i.e. outsource a part of company activities to the crowd, grew and will keep on growing. 2012 will also see clients much more involved in designing products and services (prosumer, co-creation).

Social networking applied to ecommerce (social commerce) and deals on online platforms for buying groups met with considerable success in 2011 and the trend will be reaffirmed again in 2012. 2011 also ratified the creation and development of new Open Data projects: freely accessible data, Pais writes, is a fundamental tool to promote transparency and participation in Open Government.

The increase in smartphones and tablets has been accompanied by a growing number of geolocalisation services. «Many businesses are incorporating check-ins in their marketing strategies», Pais emphasised.

During 2012 gamification will also be affirmed, i.e. the use of games dynamics in other fields, such as the workplace and commercial centres. The eleventh, but not last in importance, trend is cloud computing, with data, contents and services archived, managed, used and distributed in the cloud.

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