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Create custom maps for your businessCreating custom maps is one of the most difficult challenges for a modern company. But besides being a challenge, it is also a useful business opportunity in different areas and for a variety of purposes. Creating made-to-measure maps provides you with an advanced tool, one that is built around the real needs of a company, ideal for responding to different needs and contributing to the success of sales and marketing projects, to name just two. Today a custom map has endless applications: supporting GIS systems, creating catchment areas, identifying specific areas of interest, delimitating delivery areas, calculating the shortest route… For a job well done, using Google or Bing Maps is not enough. They can provide a starting point, but the finishing touches and production of content must be carried out by specific programs. In this case, the generic term “programs” refers to state-of-the-art software for geocoding data (or georeferencing). Data and addresses that are entered into this kind of software, are subjected to a series of controls and elaboration processes that precede and improve transposition onto the map. To better understand what we are talking about, let’s take a more detailed look at the features offered by our Egon software for creating custom maps and normalising postal addresses.

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The procedure of geocoding data onto a digital map involves several steps. Even if these are carried out simultaneously in relatively short timeframes, they can still be traced back to single actions, separate from each other. The first, in broad terms, involves checking the addresses. They are cleansed of any errors, if present, or confirmed and assigned geographical coordinates. In the event that there are gaps or outdated data, in addition to errors, the software will make the necessary modifications and integrations. And that’s not all: Egon is able to enrich the record and therefore increase its value (data quality), offering greater safety in the event of doubts or verifications. At this point – still in the figurative sense – it moves on to transferring the clean addresses onto the virtual map. The substantial difference is therefore in the selection and verification of information carried out automatically by Egon software, thanks to the aid of our database that is updated by our staff, who meticulously evaluate the addresses stored in the archive. The fact that we have access to databases in over 250 countries in the world makes our offer versatile, with everything you need to operate at maximum efficiency in Italy, Germany, France, England, the United States and other countries in Europe and the rest of the world.


Egon software for address validation and the creation of custom maps doesn’t just optimise information and ensure superior performance. It is also able to enter the same information in relation to the area in question. It creates a cascade of several additional advanced geocoding options. By way of example, it is worth mentioning the allocation of census tracts, the proximity and immediate calculation of the geodesic and pedestrian walking distances, the reverse geocoding of points of interest, localisation by street names, identification of intersections (angles), and much more … If you have specific needs, it is possible to develop custom commands in order to resolve certain critical issues. Egon software’s different modes of use reflect the flexibility of the program. The map can be created in two ways, via the company intranet or via the web, depending on the type of installation chosen (On Premises – In the Cloud). The reference systems include Windows, Linux, Unix, IBMi and Mainframe, while as for applications, Egon can be integrated into existing infrastructures such as IBM, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, SAP and Windows, to mention just a few, in the form of an additional plug-in. If you would like to find out more about Egon software’s potential for creating custom maps, you can download the free demo without any obligation: just enter your data and click on Send. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email or telephone and request more information. Why wait?

Contact us today and find out how to create custom maps!

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Tecniche di data mining nel marketingTo enhance company data stored in huge databases is one of the best known aims of data mining. However, the potential of the techniques, methods and examples that fall within the definition of data mining go far beyond simple data enhancement. In this article we focus on marketing and what you can do to promote your company or business, including online, through data mining. In the list of 10 methods and practical examples, we include resources and links for more information so that everybody can learn more about this vast and evolving field. By exploiting the techniques and following the examples we show you, you will be able to boost and refine your marketing strategy and stand out from the competition. Let’s get started!


Cluster analysis enables identifying a given user group according to common features within a database. These features can include age, geographic location, education level and so on. It is a data mining technique that is useful in marketing to segment the database and, for example, send a promotion to the right target for that product or service (young people, mothers, pensioners, etc.). The variable combinations are endless and make cluster analysis more or less selective according to the search requirements.

– Cluster Analysis by Jmp [ENG]

– La Cluster Analysis [PDF ITA]

– Tutorial Cluster Analysis by Origine Lab  [ENG]

– Data Mining – Cluster Analysis by Tutorials Point

– Cluster Analysis for Market Segmentation  [SLIDE ENG]


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Shipping address validation real-time

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Worldwide shipping address validation

shipping address validationThe success of a shipment depends on the validity of addresses. Before you pack the product, before activating tracing, before any other operation,it is essential to be sure that the address is correct. The most effective system is to use a target shipping address validation service: the address is automatically checked in real-time and missing data is completed during the process of entering it the box (data entry).

Egon software is designed specifically to meet this kind of requirement. Thanks to the address validation function, you can verify the accuracy of the information you have. The verification checks for grammatical errors (double letters, spacing, etc.),updates data (out-of-date records) and finally completes the address,which is enriched with any missing information (Post/Zip Code, State, province, county etc.).


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5 Address Validation Benefits

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postal address validation benefitsWhen we talk about the validation of postal addresses we tend to think only about the economical aspect.  The only concrete advantage appears to be the saving, because of the reduction of costs linked to incorrect shipments and missing geomarketing objectives.

In reality, postal address validation guarantees benefits over and beyond cost control.  Improving databases with customer names or validating archives containing supplierís addresses means improving the production and decisional processes at all levels, with unexpected positive turns for numerous types of businesses.  

To demonstrate this we have selected 5 important benefits of the correct validation of postal addresses and general data. Let’s start with the first advantage: updating the database.


address validation securityThe first concrete benefit of postal address validation is an increase in security in the management of the database. Addresses in the database are checked and updated with greater security instead of using obsolete data.

As well as updating, validation provides an automatic enrichment of addresses with missing values, for example the territory, province or country code. All of this implies more protection for those who work with data and must carry out specific promotional operations, the sending of samples or other, with immediate effects on the organization and competitiveness of the business.


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How to find the postal code from an address

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find postal code from addressHow many times does it happen that you need to find a postal code and you only have the address? Surely, this need is more common than you think since an address without a postal code (either a ZIP code or a territory code depending on the country and the system they use) is almost useless. Then, if we think of a whole database, not just a single address, containing a hundred thousand entries, the problem gets bigger and bigger.

Therefore, how can you find the correct postal code from an incomplete address?

Egon is the solution. With Egon software, you can take advantage of the automatic completion functions in data entry as well as the extension of the database or single addresses by using the modes and digital environments you prefer. In a few clicks, you will be able to successfully fix all of these types of problems. Try it now!

Enroll and ask for the free demo to find the correct postal code


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Global address validation service

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global address validation serviceItalian, Spanish, French, German and English companies… very often they all have the same problem: finding an address validation service that is globally effective. In fact, postal address validation services are often only effective in one country; usually the country in which the company offering the service is based. But it is obvious that a medium-sized company operating in Italy, or Spain, or France, or in any other country, may need to interact with international customers and partners outside its country of origin.

It is therefore important to use a service that can validate databases of foreign postal addresses, in the original language, and also, if possible, in the address format used in the target country. Only in this way is it possible to get results that live up to your expectations.

By validating postal addresses all over the world you can retrieve individual addresses or entire databases containing up to thousands of addresses. Huge volumes that have to be verified, corrected, updated and, if necessary, enriched with missing information. A job that would take weeks, if not months for a physical person to complete. That’s why it is essential to validate addresses with automated software with advanced features such as geocoding (assigning geographic coordinates to addresses) or deduplication (eliminating duplicates in the database). But above all, it is important that the software is able to analyse the various records in the original language, creating a file that is legible and usable (also by IT programs) in the selected language.

EGON: Global address validation service

Our company has developed a next generation software for global address validation and retrieval. The software also validates personal demographic information and other types of information in the world’s most common languages, using methods ranging from batch to online validation, autocomplete (data entry) or integrated into business applications and standard environments.  A professional solution for address validation in CRM, Data Warehouse, Mailing and Ecommerce systems, to name but a few. Coverage is guaranteed in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and South America, according to the tables listed in the “Countries” section of this website.


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Postal address check in more than 250 countries

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Postal address checkChecking postal addresses is a decisive job in numerous spheres, from data entry to CRM systems, from creating databases to printed marketing campaigns. Checking that postal address databases are correct and up to date means improving business management at all levels, to ensure punctuality, efficiency and precision. Whether delivering a product or profiling names collected in a PPC advertising campaign, the postal address has the same importance as the email address and phone number, essential data to create ongoing and personalized communications to build loyalty in the public through a customer service that satisfies their expectations. But how can you handle a postal address check easily and quickly? What tools can you use when faced with files containing hundreds of thousands of addresses?


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